Pour vous, que signifie « mieux communiquer » ?
Entre vos besoins et vos envies, qu’attendez-vous de nous ?
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Répondez en toute franchise.
QUESTION 1    What does communication mean to your organization?
   A luxury you would love to have
   A need you feel is important and constant
   A necessity which you must have no matter what
QUESTION 2    In choosing a communication agency what would you consider first?
   Reputation- you would prefer to work with an established agency
   Proximity- you would like to work with people with expertise and who are reliable, attentive and readily available
   Originality- you attach great importance to the recommendations of its clients and its portfolio
QUESTION 3    In working relationship what to do you expect from a communication agency?
   Representation- the agency must adhere strictly to the mission you have assigned
   Partnership- the agency must be sensitive to your objectives and methods of realizing them
   An auxiliary- the agency is only a timely go between
QUESTION 4    In relation to your selection criteria which would you prefer?
   A small specialized agency offering acknowledged “savoir-faire” in top of the range products its represents
   A large all round agency working with big accounts
   A modest agency which knows how best to adapt and respond to your specific needs
QUESTION 5    What basic quality do you expect from a communications agency?
   Creativity- to give free rein to the imagination and break away from the beaten track
   A low-key approach with simple, safe suggestions to remain within a budgetary plan
   A low-key approach with simple, safe suggestions to remain within a budgetary plan
QUESTION 6    What do you believe makes good business publicity?
   A coherent, global and planned strategy for the long term
   Unrestricted creativity favouring one offs
   Advice aimed at developing a good image, a style and content to the positioning of your brand or product
QUESTION 7    On the same project three agencies appear to be compatible. Which would you choose?
   The most creative- the once which pleases you most with its concepts and design
   The most economic- that which gives the least expensive end of the market
   The most pragmatic- that which gives the most confidence in its methods and experience in the field
QUESTION 8    In what way would a small communications agency, rather than a major firm, gain your confidence?
   It would be more adaptable to your needs at least cost
   Being nearby it would be more readily accessible to give help and advice than a major company
   It would propose “ made to measure” solutions and would be are that no two clients are the same